Amate Audio launches premium line array system at ISE

Amate Audio may not be the most recognisable brand name in pro audio loudspeaker manufacturing, but the technologically driven, specialist sound reinforcement company is launching the world’s most advanced full-range, integrated power and control line array system at ISE.

Amate Audio’s X212AF marries a fully optimised, state-of-the-art discrete 3-way cabinet design – the product of the company’s foremost electro-acoustic engineering facilities ¬– with its proprietary ACTIVE +™ integrated digital power and control platform. The result is a fully self-contained, relatively compact and lightweight, full range 2x12”, phase linear, large-format line array system, that can be operationally configured in just a matter of minutes.

Amate Audio has been manufacturing innovative sound reinforcement systems at its Terrassa HQ, outside of Barcelona, for 45 years. In that time the company’s R&D led designs have featured engineering firsts, including some of the earliest implementation of signal processing in active speaker systems and power amplifiers, and integrated computer control and monitoring in a line array (the company’s first), more than ten years ago.

The X212AF is an ultimate expression of that heritage, the company’s biggest and best and in a performance class all of its own; achieving optimal form, and extraordinary levels of performance and operability. It is Amate Audio’s new flagship product, heading up the Xcellence series of premium touring and installation sound reinforcement systems.

An advanced V-shape cabinet geometry delivers 100° horizontal and 8° vertical coverage and employs proprietary acoustic design elements like the ABS mid-phase plugs, all-new HF waveguide and sonically transparent speaker grille. 2x12” LF, 4x 6” MF and dual 3” HF transducer configurations are housed are discretely enclosed, and independently powered and protected with separate limiter settings with differing time constants.

Amate Audio’s next generation ACTIVE +™ integrated power and control platform features advanced FIR/IIR filtering, for complete phase coherence and minimal latency, and combines 3rd generation 4000W Class D amplification and multi-channel DSP system management. Simple and rapid system control and configuration is via a rear mounted 3.5” TFT colour touchscreen and ergonomic GUI, and includes monitoring of system performance and protection parameters, including Amate Audio’s unique AC overvoltage protection circuit. Control parameters include extensive parametric EQ options, system delay in excess of 100m, and a series of application specific pre-sets comprising different array configurations; from the minimum six elements to the optimum configurations of eight or more. These enable optimum system performance to be achieved in a fraction of the time required to tune conventional line array systems. Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity enables remote system configuration via Amate Audio’s DSPStudio iPad and Windows application, with support for Dante® AoIP an optional supported feature.

Robustly constructed from multilayer baltic birch plywood with a high resistant black Polyurea® coating, the X212AF is nonetheless extraordinarily lightweight for a large format active line array, at just 65kg. Combined with the array of flying and mounting accessories and aides, including onboard tilt angle indicator, this makes the X212AF exceptionally easy to handle and deploy.

Partnering the X212AF, the X218WF is a bass reflex design sub, deploying 2x 18” LF neodymium drivers with 4” double-layer voice coils, within a system that combines the same advanced principles of cabinet geometry and integrated power and control as the X212AF. The ACTIVE +™ power and control platform delivers 5000 W of 3rd generation Class-D amplification with advanced DSP system management, Ethernet / Wi-Fi control and Dante connectivity, mirroring the exceptional operational performance capabilities of the X212AF.

Commenting on the launch of these systems at ISE, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Joan Amate stated, “The X212AF and X218WF put Amate Audio at the forefront of the market for large-scale, high performance line array systems; providing exceptional levels of sonic performance and consistent frequency response, for the largest auditoriums and outdoor venues. Together with our ACTIVE +™ integrated power and control capabilities, this represents an exceptional product offering, considerably in advance of current market expectations. They represent an outstanding design achievement and a flagship system of which we are immensely proud.”