IMG STAGELINE wireless tool FLY


The developers from IMG STAGELINE obviously thought about what it would be like if music would receive some wings when they named the new wireless tool: FLY.

The FLY-16T is a wireless UHF transmitter which features 16 channels (10 intermodulation-free channels) in the frequency range 823 to 832MHz (duplex gap). Designed as a 3-pole XLR plug, the FLY-16T is plugged into an audio output with line level and converts the music signal (audio frequency range: 30-17,000Hz) into a radio signal. The counterpart FLY-16R can receive this signal at a distance of up to approx. 90m and then converts it into an audio signal with line level.

Whether the FLY devices deliver the sound to the monitor speakers on stage or to the adjoining rooms at an event, they certainly spare you from laying and securing dozens of metres of cables. The easiest method is to use a brand battery AA size to keep a FLY device operational for approx. 4 hours. The FLY devices of course feature an easy-to-read display for indicating the battery status. If it lights up green, everything is OK. If it lights up red, the battery has to be changed. Alternatively, it is also possible to provide the FLY device with power via the micro USB jack. In case the USB port is used, the battery will automatically be saved. It can, however, be kept in the device without any problems.

The FLY device can be switched on or off via a push-button. The channels can be changed by pushing the same button briefly. A display at the front clearly indicates the channel setting. Any number of receivers (FLY-16R) can be connected with one transmitter (FLY-16T). Due to the latency of less than a millisecond, the FLY devices are a real plug-and-play alternative at every location.