MONACOR Components – Comprehensive Portfolio

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For the second time now, the catalogue COMPONENTS from MONACOR has been released. On more than 300 pages, customers and interested people can find an impressive range of components and accessories from all kinds of brands including the battery holder A-303/IT and impedance meter ZM-100. No matter whether event technology, hi-fi applications, lighting technology or do-it-yourself speaker building, the catalogue COMPONENTS provides a wide range of unobtrusive but indispensable little helpers.

The new catalogue from MONACOR is divided into 5 sections and starts with stage and audio accessories. The first 70 pages contain microphones, headphones, earphones, stands, supports, cases as well as hook and loop fasteners. This is followed by the section lighting technology which includes LED strips, light panels and spotlights as well as control technology. Cables, plug-in connectors and adapters for versatile applications as well as energy and measuring technology can also be found.

The catalogue is complemented by the section speaker technology which comprises more than 100 pages and includes PA speakers, hi-fi speakers and car hi-fi speakers of various sizes as well as crossover network components and amplifier modules.

The catalogue COMPONENTS can be ordered free of charge at (from October on)