SALZBRENNER media Showcases STAGECAST at 40th ABTT Theatre Show in London

2018 02 Salzbrenner ABTT STAGECAST

At this year’s edition of the ABTT Theatre Show, SALZBRENNER media featured its brand-new STAGECAST solution for easy video recording and distribution, together with the POLARIS evolution audio network platform, the NIO xcel Dante stageboxes-cum-format-converters and its expanding service portfolio.

STAGECAST – Video for Theatres

STAGECAST is an intuitive solution that allows theatres, ballet schools, concert halls and opera houses to record rehearsals and performances using up to three cameras, to edit the footage, and to publish it via a secure cloud-based or private network. STAGECAST comprises three elements: the local recording setup (STAGECAST Studio), a customizable cloud platform (STAGECAST Cloud) and the STAGECAST Media Server.

While STAGECAST Studio is indispensable to take advantage of this highly intuitive solution, users can publish their footage either to a customer-specific Cloud on the web or to a Server on the local network. HLS AES-128 encryption is used to prevent unauthorized downloads and dissemination of published footage.

STAGECAST Studio allows operators to control up to three cameras simultaneously, to schedule automatic recordings of upcoming events, to edit Clips, Projects and Sessions, and to publish the footage based on multi-level access credentials. Furthermore, recordings can be remotely controlled using a dedicated app.

Apart from the fact that STAGECAST Cloud can be accessed from anywhere over the internet while the Media Server is only accessible within a restricted area – for example your threatre building -, STAGECAST Cloud and STAGECAST Media Server provide the same feature set: managing Projects and Sessions, changing the publishing status, managing users/accounts, creating log-in data for new users, an API for the integration with STAGECAST Studio, logging, e-mail notification and much more.

With SALZBRENNER media’s STAGECAST, filming rehearsals and performances, and sharing the footage with all relevant parties looks set to become a low-maintenance commodity with powerful benefits for directors, conductors, actors, singers, etc.

POLARIS evolution and NIO xcel

Now on sale, SALZBRENNER media’s future-proof POLARIS evolution networked mixing console with its latest software enhancements will also be shown. POLARIS evolution is based on three devices that can be combined freely. Complementing the POLARIS evolution system, SALZBRENNER media’s NIO xcel interfaces provide access to a professional and flexibly scalable Dante environment for stage applications, production studios and installations. These high-quality format converters can be located adjacent to the required sources and destinations, making additional DI boxes obsolete. Their Dante™ compatibility means that they can be connected to the AoIP network using a single RJ45 cable.

There are currently four units: 1101 (8x AES3 outs, 4x AES3 ins), 1102 (6x AES3 ins, 6x AES3 outs), 1201 (8x MIC ins with 4-way splitters and phantom power, 4x line outs), and 1202 (8x line outs, 4x line ins). All come with a freely configurable software-based mixer, a built-in web server used to configure them (either locally or over the Dante network) as well as other convenient features.