Run Waves Plugins Live Through Waves MultiRack with DiGiCo SD Consoles

multirack soundgrid

Waves Audio announces that the Waves MultiRack plugin host, used by thousands of live sound engineers worldwide, is now available with an updated configuration for integration with DiGiCo SD-series consoles. With Waves MultiRack, you can mix with Waves and third-party SoundGrid-compatible plugins on DiGiCo SD-series consoles with maximum plugin control and reliably fast processing speeds, experiencing the ultimate workflow and sound quality in live sound performance.

To mix with Waves plugins on DiGiCo, run the MultiRack plugin host software on a computer connected to the console. Processing is handled by a Waves SoundGrid server, which offers heavy processing capabilities at ultra-low latency. SoundGrid technology enables you to run Waves plugins in real time and with super-low latency on your live mixing console – the perfect solution for front-of-house, monitor, broadcast and theater engineers. The plugins can be controlled directly from the console, including touch-and-turn plugin parameter adjustments and the ability to manage sessions and snapshots.

In addition, console mirroring is supported, so when you use redundant console setups, any setting and parameter changes will be reflected onto a fully mirrored MultiRack setup. Use a SoundGrid-certified network switch to connect your console to the computer running MultiRack and to the SoundGrid servers. You will also require a Waves I/O Card for DiGiCo SD Consoles, available from DiGiCo. Integrated remote control of Waves MultiRack and SoundGrid-compatible plugins is also now supported on DiGiCo’s SD12 Console, using DiGiCo’s DMI Waves I/O card.

Mick Olesh, Waves EVP of Sales & Marketing, comments, “With Waves MultiRack and SoundGrid technology, we are happy to be able to offer DiGiCo SD-users the ultimate tools in order to achieve a highly professional and creative live mixing experience.”

James Gordon, DiGiCo Managing Director, comments, “It’s almost ten years since we first started working closely with Waves, and it's important for us to be part of their new vision on future integration. This will allow DiGiCo SD consoles to control an external Waves MultiRack system, while maintaining the high level of integration both companies’ clients have come to rely on.”