ISE 2018: Yamaha ProVisionaire Touch 2 and ProVisionaire Control Updates

ProVisionaire Control

Yamaha’s fully-customisable ProVisionaire Touch iPad remote control app has been a very popular addition to the company’s range of system options, allowing for the easy creation of bespoke, graphics-based controllers, which can easily be used by the most non-technical person. At ISE 2018, Yamaha is launching ProVisionaire Touch V2.0 and ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK V2.0 for iPad, which take this intuitive control solution to another level.

These apps takes their cue from the enhanced functionality of the Version 3.2 firmware of Yamaha’s MTX and MRX series matrix processors. Launched last December, this includes a host of new features, including AES67 integration and the ability to include Yamaha R-series and Tio I/O racks within an MTX or MRX system design, to create even more scalable networked solutions.

The straightforward, graphics-based, touchscreen interface of ProVisionaire Touch V2.0 and ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK V2.0 is now able to control Yamaha CL, QL and TF series digital mixers, significantly increasing system flexibility and offering centralised control.

Free to download and almost endlessly customisable, the ability to simultaneously control MTX/MRX processors and Yamaha digital mixers means much greater programming efficiency and user controllability. For example, the different requirements of live mixing, a café (or bar), foyer and meeting rooms in a house of worship, live venue, museum or corporate event space can now all be controlled from one instance of these apps.

As before, multiple design pages are available, so different control panels can be provided for different audio zones and/or users, with presets and parameter settings optimised for each. And all can be precisely and imaginatively tailored to the individual space or venue with custom graphics.

These apps are complemented by ProVisionaire Control and ProVisionaire Control KIOSK, for Windows and Windows tablet apps.