Ground-breaking upgrade in the AUDAC System Manager

WaveDynamics config

AUDAC System Manager, the Belgian pro audio manufacturer’s multi-platform software application is the main tool for discovering and controlling AUDAC’s line of intelligent devices. The software engineers at AUDAC came up with an ingenious new feature that will save you a lot of time tweaking your audio setup.

Since AUDAC launched the SMA & SMQ amplifiers, we have become acquainted with the WaveDynamics technology that allowed to set digital audio filters, limiters, time alignment delays and many more, straight from the amplifier. This technology has proven itself over the years therefore AUDAC decided to implement the WaveDynamics configuration into the AUDAC System Manager.

With the new feature called WaveDynamics configurator it is now possible to optimize and protect your loudspeakers sets extremely accurate. This is achieved on behalf of the graphical visualization of all the added digital audio filters and crossovers. Besides the new NOBA bass cabinet, the existing SMA, SMQ and the new PMQ amplifiers can take advantage of these new functions. All audio configurations can now be made in the AUDAC System manager and exported to a USB drive for loading in a desired amplifier or speaker set.