ProAudio Technology Vertical Linearray VT16


With the new VT16 Vertical Line Array loudspeaker ProAudio Technology expands their product family by a compact line array system 58 cm wide [22.8 in.] which sets new standards regarding efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The VT16 was first showcased at the Prolight & Sound 2017, the series rollout has begun in May.

The two 8” high-excursion low-mid drivers are arranged symmetrically around the horn-loaded 1.4” HF driver, providing a distinctive fullrange behaviour down below 50 Hz.

In the crucial midrange all three drivers work in parallel, thereby providing essential headroom with a compact music programme. The horizontal dispersion is 90 degrees and the weight is 21 kg [46.4 lbs].

The linear acoustic phase of the VT 16 above 80 Hz ensures a perfect broadband coupling among the individual speakers within the array and enables to equalize the whole system with an amazingly small number of filters.

The impedance of 1 x 12 ohms allows an economical drive with up to six elements per channel of a 10.4-DSP or 20.4-DSP system amplifier. A system with e. g. 2 x 6 VT16 and 2 x 4 SW18 can therefore be driven by only one 4-channel amplifier on a single 230V / 16 A Schuko outlet and needs only two cables per side.

By using our light-weight flying frame of only 10 kg [22 lbs.] you can hang up 11 VT16 on a 250 kg [552 lbs.] motor.  The fully integrated 3-point flying equipment of high-grade steel allows vertical angles between 0° and 8° in consistent 1-degree steps and arrays of 16 VT16 loudspeakers in vertical arrays.