d&b audiotechnik stands for integration and forward thinking at Prolight + Sound 2017

With more audio technology solutions than ever before, the d&b stand at Prolight + Sound 2017 proved integration and interoperability remain at the heart of the company's ongoing commitment to customers. Visitors to the d&b stand caught an insight into the future, learning more about the d&b Soundscape – creating landscapes in sound.

Visitors from across the industry were invited to peruse the complete product range including several new releases, and welcome in a new age of d&b: Sound Futures, alongside newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer, David Claringbold. Having served on the d&b Advisory Board and as Director of Sydney Opera House, Mr Claringbold has a long-standing insight of the market and its changing needs.

Day one of the show marked the official release of two software features created for easier, more straightforward working: Array verification, and the ArrayCalc Viewer app.

With Array verification now part of the latest version of the d&b R1 Remote control software, users can automatically identify the physical position of a loudspeaker in an array, allowing it to be compared to the simulated setup in ArrayCalc. In short, any cabling issues can be found, and corrected, quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, the ArrayCalc Viewer app harnesses all the benefits of instant communication by displaying all ArrayCalc data for positioning and flying a d&b system on smartphones and tablets. It means once a project’s been designed, calculated and optimized in ArrayCalc, the file can be shared, and changed with everyone completely in the loop.

Also made to make everyday a little easier, visitors got a first glimpse of next month’s release, the new 6 x D80 Touring rack - for ever more efficient cabling, setup and pack down.

And while the latest developments were explored, so too were some d&b favourites. Respected the world over, three siblings – the J, Y and V-Series ‘Messengers’ - took the chance to share what makes them special. Seamlessly combining line and point source technologies acoustically and visually, they represent the highest speed of deployment, efficiency and consistency with unparalleled sound whatever the demand. The story also shone its spotlight on the V-Series point sources V7P and V10P. Having picked up notable awards in 2016, this remarkable single box solution continues to affirm its status as the ‘new class of point source’.

At the Manufacturers’ Forum Dr Elena Shabalina and Daniel Belcher of d&b R+D guided visitors through the serious topic of noise emission management and NoizCalc’s first successes in the field. Also representing d&b at the forum was Chief Marketing Officer, David Claringbold; here listeners were introduced to d&b’s Sound Futures thinking via a provocative presentation exploring the powerful contribution sound makes in connecting us to our world, our art and our ideas.

Prolight + Sound was also used as the forum for giving key insiders a sneak peak into the d&b Soundscape. Operating on the DS100 platform, Soundscape will enable sound designers with multidimensional source placement, acoustic room simulation and signal matrix processor capability. The product is presently scheduled for release at the end of 2017.

“d&b has been part of Prolight + Sound since the early nineties, so it’s marked some key milestones in our history,” says Claringbold. “The beginning of our Sound Futures program is one of those moments. It’s about embracing tradition, tuning in to what’s happening now and positioning the organization so that we meet the evolution of audience, artist and venue needs. We are focused on doing this with not only technical solutions but also with an adaptive mindset that inspires our customers and partners. The audio experience is everything and we are committed to communicating the social, artistic and economical value of high quality sound. As always Prolight is a great opportunity to share ideas with people in our industry, and so far, this topic’s created a lot of energy.”