Schoeps Microphones unveiled a remarkable innovation in audio technology at NAB 2024: the CMD 42 digital Colette amplifier. This product redefines standards in microphone technology, particularly in fields such as film sound and sound design. The CMD 42 boasts standout features that transcend the capabilities of traditional analog microphones. Compatible with all capsules and accessories from the well-known Colette series, dating back over 50 years, this amplifier represents a seamless fusion of legacy and modernity. Its digital nature requires a digital AES3 input with phantom power, conforming to the AES42 standard, a feature of many professional recording devices such as mobile recorders and wireless transmitters.

During an extensive three-year beta testing phase involving accomplished professionals, the CMD 42 surpassed all expectations. Testers were so impressed by its performance that they refused to part with it, citing its superior qualities compared to anything they had previously encountered. One of the standout features of the CMD 42 is its exceptional dynamic range, capturing the full spectrum of sound from the subtlest nuances to the most thunderous crescendos without the need to adjust the preamp gain. Additional benefits include unparalleled immunity to interference, which is crucial for demanding environments like bustling film and TV sets. Recordists can fine-tune the CMD 42 via a free, user-friendly app, adjusting various capsule-dependent equalization filters and even activating a built-in mono upmix feature.

The CMD 42 excels not only in location sound recording but also in sound design applications, thanks to its native sample rate of up to 192 kHz. It captures frequencies beyond the human hearing range, and when pitching down in postproduction, the recordings deliver unparalleled clarity and depth. With the CMD 42, Schoeps builds on the AES42 standard but adds significant features. This product is not for everyone, but it could become a substantial tool in the arsenal of professional film sound engineers and sound designers.