RNE chose aixtream for HBBTV radio playout from its MPTS

ferncast aixtream workflow RNE

Radio Nacional de España (RNE) is the national state-owned public service radio broadcaster in Spain. Since the beginning of 2023 they are using an aixtream installation on four servers to demux the national Multi Program Transport Stream (MPTS), reencode all its 128 programs, and output them in different web streaming formats and multiple bitrates. This way their entire program is made available for web radio, mobile apps and HBBTV (Smart TVs). In total over 1400 local and national radio streams are generated. With formats including Icecast, HLS, DASH and RTMP. The streams are encoded in various algorithms, from AAC and MP3 to Dolby AC-3. All of which are available in multiple bitrates, including adaptive bitrate in the case of HLS.

Ferncast is operating the whole system for RNE as a service. Ferncast experts have set up all audio workflows (PIPEs) and handle much of the everyday monitoring. RNE is still kept informed of everything that happens on the system via an automatic email messaging system, which is generated by the aixtream software.

For the Ferncast team, this project was a great opportunity to test the limits of Ferncast’s software solution aixtream and improve its high-load performance further. Over 700 outputs per system are now proven under real conditions to be viable, including a mirror backup for all of them. This project was the first to require the implementation of the demux input, which is now also used for projects requiring DVB and DAB/FM format conversion or monitoring. It was also the first major cooperation in Spain between Ferncast and its Spanish distributor Star Comunicaciones.

The use of aixtream software has greatly streamlined the workflow for the Internet Radio Department of RNE and reduced their overall workload. Despite the exceptional number of 1400 simultaneous encodings, their system is now running even more reliably.

Manuel Ángel García, Commercial Technician from Star Comunicaciones, commented "once the customer had defined their real needs, it was quite easy for us as consultants to implement the solution. The great expertise of the Ferncast technical support and the enormous flexibility and capacity of the solution made it possible for us to successfully solve some non-trivial issues the customer was dealing with before."

Star Comunicaciones provides equipment for broadcasting centers and studios, as well as technical projects and professional consultancy for the Broadcast sector in Spain.