Tascam DR-10L Pro

Tascam dr 10l pro

Tascam introduces the DR-10L Pro, an ultra-compact and lightweight field recorder with a lavalier microphone and the latest 32-bit float recording technology. Offering excellent sound, long battery life and options for remote control and timecode synchronisation, the DR-10L Pro is said to be the perfect choice for users who want to record high-quality sound as unobtrusively as possible. Whether for weddings, location filming, YouTube and other social media content creation or general dialogue recording, the rock-solid performance of a wired lavalier recorder is proven and assured.

When using the recorder’s standard 32-bit float mode, two analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) capture sound over an enormous dynamic range without distortion or excessive noise. According to the manufacturer, there’s no need to fine-tune gain levels, even if a wide range of sound pressure levels is expected. 32-bit float recording means less preparation time and no worries about recordings becoming unusable.

Fitting in the palm of a hand and weighing just 65 grams, Tascam’s micro recorder is easy to hide when inconspicuousness is required. The included belt clip attaches easily and securely to clothing without compromising the talent. Powered by just two lithium AAA batteries, the unit can run for up to 24 hours, minimising the worry of changing batteries during a shoot. Recording time is not limited by storage capacity either: Support for microSDXC cards up to 512 GB means plenty of space for high-quality audio files.

Tascam dr 10l pro in use

Field recording specialists will appreciate the ability to remotely control up to five DR-10L Pro units using the optional Bluetooth adapter AK-BT1 and the free DR-10L Pro CONNECT app. In addition to starting and stopping recording, the app allows videographers to check device status, set marks, view the recorded waveforms in real time, add metadata to recording files, and more.

The optional Bluetooth adapter also enables the DR-10L Pro to wirelessly sync timecode with supported Atomos products in order to perfectly align audio recordings with video. Other notable features include a highly visible OLED display, a headphone output for input monitoring and checking recorded data, and a USB-C port for easy data transfer to a computer. Last but not least, Tascam bundles a complimentary version of iZotope RX Elements with the recorder. The software offers powerful audio restoration capabilities, including the ability to seamlessly remove coughing and background noise, as well as reduce wind and ambient noise with just a few clicks.

Commenting on the new DR-10L Pro, Tascam Business Unit General Manager Yosuke Matsuno said: “The DR-10L Pro is a remarkably powerful recorder and lavalier system with an equally impressive compact form factor. And with its app control including wireless timecode synchronisation capabilities using Atomos products, the system provides a wide range of creative opportunities for capturing world-class audio. I’m confident the DR-10L Pro will find a home with many audio professionals.”

Paul Scurrell, SVP Product at Atomos commented: “We’re delighted to have another market-leading Tascam recorder supporting the Atomos AirGlu BT wireless timecode sync ecosystem. The DR-10L Pro will be the perfect partner for our customers using our UltraSync Blue, Ninja V / V+ with Atomos Connect module and the Shogun Connect – even shooting video with the Atomos Pro Camera iOS app which supports AirGlu BT timecode. Many different use cases for our joint customers!”