DirectOut new Native Member of Lawo HOME

Lawo DirectOutprodigy series HOME
DirectOut Prodigy.MP & Prodigy.MC

DirectOut and Lawo today announced that the modular Prodigy.MP and Prodigy.MC audio converters, which were only recently on tour with Coldplay, are now fully integrated with Lawo’s HOME platform. First-class citizenship in the HOME ecosystem means that the Prodigy converters will benefit from instant IP discovery and registration, intuitive stream routing, device monitoring, diagnostics, parameter control and the security features offered by the HOME platform, all enabled through a single control API.One highly anticipated result is that the Prodigy’s parameters can be conveniently tweaked from an mc²-series console with built-in HOME functionality

Lawo mc2 56 MkIII
Lawo mc² 56 MkIII

Christian Struck, Lawo’s Senior Product Manager Audio Production, applauds DirectOut’s decision to support HOME in addition to the RAVENNA and ST2110-30 and -31 protocols as well as all ST2022-7 flavors: “Especially in the performing arts and on live stages where audio recording and playback quality is critical, operators like to leverage the excellent sound of Prodigy audio preamps in combination with a Lawo mc²-series console. A direct line of communication between the two provides centralized access to comprehensive parameter tweaks and all the real-time information, security and control today’s operators require.”

Claudio Becker-Foss, DirectOut’s Managing Director and CTO is pleased with the HOME-native status of DirectOut’s Prodigy devices. “The decision to support HOME natively is based on the benefits this platform offers to our user base. They expect a lot more than automatic discovery and registration capabilities,” says Becker-Foss. “With this tight integration, audio operators will be able to access our devices' comprehensive feature set directly from the convenience of, e.g., an mc² console surface. Conversely, this tie-up will allow users to benefit from our gateway options into the Dante and RAVENNA realms at all sampling rates supported by Lawo’s A__UHD Core.”

“Lawo has always been open to granting other vendors access to the HOME management platform,” explains Axel Kern, Lawo’s Senior Director Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions. “I’m delighted that DirectOut customers can now leverage HOME’s four pillars - Connected, Secured, Managed, Processed - with the same flexibility as Lawo console users.” In light of HOME’s comprehensive support of NMOS IS-04 and IS-05, the Prodigy converters will be able to communicate with all relevant devices in any IP-based system on the planet.

Visitors to NAB 2023 in Las Vegas are most welcome to visit an example setup with a PRODIGY.MC at the Lawo booth (C4111).