Ferncast Audio Codec Servers powered by aixtream COMPACT software

48 new products are now available to cover any and all live audio applications

ferncast AudioCodecServers

Ferncast, developer of innovative audio transmission software solutions for professional live audio applications announces the launch of a new product class to enrich the audio market, Audio Codec Servers powered by aixtream COMPACT software.

As a completely new class developed by Ferncast, the Audio Codec Servers (ACS) combine the advantages of tried and tested 24/7 aixtream COMPACT software and the flexibility and full scalability of server installation with the convenience of traditional hardware boxes. This creates a solution which is far more powerful and versatile than conventional audio codecs, multiplexers, studio transmitter link equipment and similar audio processing and transmission devices while being fully customizable to the customer’s requirements.

48 ACS products with 6 form factors are available to answer the various needs of customers: Slim, Slim Redudant, Redundant, Silent, Mini, Slim Silent. They are designed for up to 8 fields of application:

  • OTT online streaming
  • SIP communication
  • Studio Transmitter Links
  • Audio on Demand
  • DVB multiplexing
  • DAB conversion
  • Loudness
  • Transcoding

Users can combine these on the same system if desired. They can also choose the number of programs they want to be supported such as 2, 5,10, 20, 50 or even 100.

“This new products range will benefit from the advantages of aixtream, which have been in use by major broadcasters for multiple years, in the most convenient package ever released.” explained Detlef Wiese, CEO of Ferncast. “Customers told us that they need 'out of the box solutions'. It is simple for us to pre-configure aixtream and create an attractive package with a high-quality server. Now we can serve the market with hardware devices for different live applications. We call the software running on those platforms aixtream COMPACT while the modular software aixtream will stay for those who want to configure their own systems.”

The Audio Codec Servers are already available. Interested customers will have a chance to hear more about them at the Radio Show in Paris on 2-3 June.