RF Venue COMBINE8 front

RF Venue, a global manufacturer of antenna and RF communications essentials, has introduced COMBINE8, a wireless IEM system antenna combiner that brings together up to eight in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single rear panel mounted antenna connector. Coupled with a single directional antenna outside the rack for better line-of-sight and improved wireless performance, the COMBINE8 minimizes intermodulation artifacts arising from interference between multiple adjacent wireless transmitters and antennas. Housed in a single rack space that allows installation near racked transmitters, the COMBINE8 not only saves space, but is also cost effective compared to other similar products.  

Any brand in-ear monitor transmitter operating between 470-608 MHz and set to 50 mW or less may be used with the COMBINE8, as well as any type of directional antenna. The COMBINE8 provides DC power for up to eight IEM transmitters with the included DC-OCTOPUS power cable. This eliminates the need to use wall wart external power supplies for IEM transmitters and provides a cleaner installation. 

RF Venue COMBINE8 rear

“The more wireless IEM channels that end-users deploy simultaneously, the greater the likelihood of interference between the transmitters and antennas, along with increased signal and power wiring clutter,” says Chris Regan, RF Venue President. “Our COMBINE8 cleans up both the RF issues and the gear rack, delivering markedly improved coverage and dropout immunity as well including everything needed for a simple and tidy installation.” 

RF Venue’s CP Beam Antenna is recommended for use with the COMBINE8. The COMBINE8 and the CP Beam Antenna are available separately or packaged together in the RF Venue 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack. This turnkey bundle provides everything needed to connect and configure up to eight channels of in-ear monitor transmitters, including premium made-in-the-USA, low-loss, double-shielded RG8X25 coaxial cable and the DC-OCTOPUS power accessory cable.   

The COMBINE8 is available immediately at a price of $1,649 (USD) and the COMBINE8/CP Beam Antenna upgrade pack at a price of $2,249 (USD).