Sinevibes Skew

A non-linear audio reverser effect plugin for Mac and Windows

Sinevibes Skew GUI

Sinevibes has released Skew, a non-linear audio reverser effect plugin for Mac and Windows. While reversing effects are not new, this plugin is packing a unique ability to warp the playback speed via multiple different curves - creating cool effects such as tape rewind, pitch slides, glitching, scratching, and more. The plugin is available in AAX, AU and VST3 formats.

Skew is a non-linear audio reverser. Perfectly synchronized to the host transport, it is constantly recording the incoming audio into a buffer – and playing it back in reversed chunks. The big trick in this algorithm is that it’s able to warp its playback speed via a selection of non-linear curves, thus bending the pitch in various ways. With each parameter having an extremely wide range of adjustment, Skew can be used to create multiple rhythmically-precise effects such as reversing, tape rewind, pitch slides, detune, glitching, and scratching. Thanks to its fine calibration, responsiveness, and DJ-style crossfade control, Skew can easily be automated or manipulated in real-time to add exciting musical complexity and create cool build-ups, breaks, and transitions.

Sound Engine Highlights

  • Audio reverser with precise transport synchronization
  • Six non-linear curves for warping the audio playback speed
  • Fractional chunk size adjustment with 256 possible values (any fraction from 1/16 note to 16 bars)
  • Meticulously tuned smoothing envelopes with optional overlapping
  • DJ-style crossfade control

Skew is immediately available for $29. It works with macOS 10.9 or later and with Windows 8.1 or later, and is provided in 64-bit AAX , AU and VST3 plugin formats.