Orchestral Tools Announces SEQUIS

An Inspiring Acoustic Sequencer for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT

OrchestralTools Sequis 01a

Innovative virtual instrument design studio Orchestral Tools has announced the launch of SEQUIS, an inspiring acoustic sequencer that unites a curated library of Orchestral Tools samples with an intuitive sequencing engine designed to give composers and sound designers a playground of rhythmic organic textures. The instrument is Orchestral Tool’s latest addition to Native Instruments’ range of KONTAKT-based instruments and is a powerful, yet easy to use creativity tool perfect for any musical workflow. SEQUIS is available now from Native Instruments for $149.99US and can be purchased here.

“With SEQUIS, we wanted to give music creators access to a world of unique sounds from familiar instruments but with a distinct rhythmic feel, perfect for textural work,” said Orchestral Tools Founder and CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “We’re pleased to collaborate again with Native Instruments on SEQUIS, and we hope that our users will find it as inspiring to use as we do.”

OrchestralTools Sequis 01b

SEQUIS is the follow-up to ARKIS, Orchestral Tools previous collaboration with Native Instruments’ that emphasized lush, atmospheric underscoring. By contrast, SEQUIS draws from a library of unique acoustic samples that explore the limits of expressive playing technique, providing a world of plucked, bowed, percussive, woodwind, and vocal elements that can be harnessed within a 16-step sequencer for instant, organic creativity. Like all Orchestral Tools instruments, these samples have been painstakingly captured at the highest possible quality and in a variety of configurations for completely sculptable sound.

The acoustic sequencing engine serves as a creative starting point, allowing the user to easily create looping melodies, dynamic pads, and rhythmic patterns with 4 lanes that are individually assignable to single instruments and be used in either stacked or poly mode for completely unique textural combinations. The sequencer also allows the user to easily rearrange patterns in a variety of configurations to quickly create rich percussive excitement and inspiring textural accents in any musical arrangement or score.

OrchestralTools Sequis 02

SEQUIS is available from October 14, 2021 at the Native Instruments online shop, with a 25% discount until November 3, 2021. Native Instruments is also offering SEQUIS and ARKHIS together as a bundle, with a savings of over 35% until November 3, 2021

Price: EUR 199 / USD 199 / YEN 26800 / GBP 179 / AUD 299 / CAD 259 / CHF 209 / CNY 1599
System Requirements: KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.6.0 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.6.0 and higher