SWR radio streaming realized by Ybrid and Ferncast's aixtream technology

Ferncast K2870 c SWR Benoit Linder
Picture: SWR/Benoit Lindner

With the new SWR radio apps the consumer enjoys many perks - the live audio stream directly to their phone, the options to repeat favorite songs on demand, rewind the program, swap songs or save them in a playlist and many other features.

The technical partner of SWR in this endeavor is nacamar GmbH. In the past nacamar had already supported SWR with its live streaming services in the form of AddRadio - an audio-over-IP platform. Since October 2020 nacamar is now providing a new technology. The SWR radio apps run with the so-called Ybrid technology, a platform which was developed by nacamar for the distribution of dynamic and hybrid audio-over-IP content. In addition to the features which had already been available with AddRadio, the audio can now be swapped with alternative content dynamically and in real time.

Ybrid features include: 

  • Time shifting of the live signal
  • Precise metadata matching thanks to aixtream software
  • Full integration into aixtream, including all audio streaming functions

Gerd Schwager, Deputy Head of Program Distribution at SWR, commented "The SWR chose to procure aixtream encoders by Ferncast because they are an optimal fit for our requirements."

Ferncast supports both AddRadio as well as Ybrid technology. The aixtream software complies fully with the requirements of Ybrid. Therefore, nacamar GmbH has certified aixtream as the best platform for Ybrid streaming. This compliance is achieved through full integration of processes relevant to YBrid operation and extensive testing of Ybrid functionality.

"Ferncast is a partner of the first hour for Ybrid-compatible and professional live audio setups», commented Sebastian A. Weiß, Managing Director and CTO at nacamar. "The required level of precision and quality, especially concerning metadata and audio, are very high in this field. With aixtream it is very easy to configure a PIPE for the ingest of the audio signal into our service. With Ferncast we were able to successfully implement our concept and we know that together we can continue to improve and develop this technology further."

Ferncasts software solution aixtream is a scalable software, running as server or VM installation. It is constantly being improved and new features are added.