DHD Audio Announces a New Addition to its Channel Partner Network


DHD Audio GmbH announces a new addition to its sales and support network with the appointment of BVMEDIA SRL as a distribution partner. Based in Milan, Italy, BVMEDIA is widely respected company offering a comprehensive range of products and services across the full spectrum of radio, television and online content creation.

"We are very pleased to welcome BVMEDIA to our resellers team," comments Christoph Gottert, head of international sales at DHD. "I am confident that BVMEDIA's highly experienced and highly motivated team will improve the accessibility of our products throughout the Italian peninsula."

"DHD's approach to audio mixing, routing and networking offers many technical and operational advantages," adds Roberto Zeccara, BVMEDIA 's senior production manager and media specialist. "DHD solutions are easy to install on any scale from a single self-op mixer up to a networked multi-studio system as well as being space-efficient both on the desktop and in the network-connected apparatus room.

"Operators find the integral TFT LCD information panels very logical to work with, especially when having to make fast production decisions while working live to air. DHD's modular control panels and processors also make system reconfiguration or expansion very straightforward to accommodate evolving workflows.

"The DHD price point is impressive compared with the legacy audio infrastructure that DHD systems are increasingly replacing."