RAVENNA goes live with new website

ALC NetworX, developers of the high-performance RAVENNA AoIP networking technology platform, are delighted to announce that the new RAVENNA website is now live. Sporting a new, more modern look and feel the new site offers even easier access to information and resources concerning all things that relate to RAVENNA, including standards information, use cases, webinars and other resources.

The RAVENNA website is already the single most comprehensive resource in the world for AES67, and the new site aims to provide the same level of information for SMPTE ST 2110. While still it its infancy, the new SMPTE ST 2110 section already offers a wealth of information and illustrative diagrams on what it is and why it’s useful, along with use cases, application examples and much more. Over time this information will become increasingly granular as we delve further into the subject.

Furthermore, a new feature due for rollout in the coming weeks is a searchable RAVENNA product database; interested parties will be able to search for products by manufacturer, product name and product type. A sneak preview of how this will look is already available for selected products from various RAVENNA partners at: https://ravenna-network.com/products/

As with the previous site, access to certain tools and resources will require users to log in – please note that even users who had accounts on the previous site will be required to re-register on the new one for reasons of data privacy protection.

RAVENNA Evangelist Andreas Hildebrand of ALC NetworX is proud to unveil the new site. “We’ve spent a lot of time going through every single bit of information on the old site to make sure that everything that has been transferred to the new site is fully up to date and relevant. We’ve also worked hard on developing the new section on SMPTE ST 2110, which we hope will eventually become the industry standard resource that we have created – and continue to develop - for AES67. I’m also looking forward to the product database rollout in a few weeks, as that’s a first for us, and should be a useful resource for anyone looking for RAVENNA/AES67-enabled products for their projects.”

“Finally, in case you were wondering, we’ve slightly modified our trademarked RAVENNA logo, but kept it green - otherwise I’d have been obliged to change my entire wardrobe!”