Ferncast announced that aixtream is now a full input/output matrix

Ferncast aixtream UI PIPE and Elements small

Icecast to DVB, SIP to HLS, recording Dante input - every combination is now possible with aixtream technology, whatever users want to use as inputs and whatever output they wish to generate.

One of the many noteworthy advantages that aixtream offers compared to many similar audio streaming solutions is that it is suited for any kind of input/output scenario and with the newer aixtream versions Ferncast has further refined this aspect, making aixtream a full input/output matrix. This includes conventional use cases like connecting an analog or digital audio signal and streaming it via RTP to another device over the internet, and also rarer use cases like gateway functionality, for example using a Dante input for a SIP call, which is a functionality few other providers support. It does not stop there either.

Here are some examples of unusual connection setups that aixtream supports:

  • Accept an RTP stream from another source and then turn it into an online radio stream (Icecast, HLS, RTMP).
  • Take an online radio stream and broadcasting it into a closed, internal network – for example as an MPEG TS.
  • Broadcast an audio signal as a web stream within an internal network. This can be used for monitoring or communication within an organization.
  • Reusing a single input for multiple outputs, e. g. creating Icecast streams, DVB multiplex and recordings from the same input at the same time.
  • Send DTMF signals for remote control of devices via RTP

An additional benefit of this is, that it often allows customers to remove unnecessary hardware from their workflow. No converters and adapters are necessary since the signal is accepted as it is. No complex routing is necessary since aixtream can handle all the processes internally. Ferncast hopes to make broadcasting and streaming as easy as possible for customers.

Among the newest aixtream developments in this regard is Ferncast’s proprietary Loudness Control, which can improve the audio leveling for just about any use case and make the customer’s output even more professional.

Tobias Dornbusch, Product Expert at Ferncast, commented: “Our ultimate goal with aixtream has always been becoming the premier provider of solutions for all kinds of live audio applications, including streaming, recording and audio-on-demand. With the flexible PIPE concept, we had laid the groundwork for this adaptable approach and are happy to see the fruits of our labor now, by offering a solution for even the most unusual scenarios.”

Ferncasts software solution aixtream is a scalable software, running as server or VM installation. It is constantly being improved and new features are added.