Axel Technology uses MARIAN audio cards to provide radio sound

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The broadcast sector puts more emphasis on top-shelf audio quality and absolute reliability than any other area. Axel Technology specialises in this field since 1996, creating and providing custom-made turn-key solutions for radio and TV stations from all over the world. For audio transmission, the company from Bologna relies on the innovative solutions by MARIAN.

From local radio to public service broadcasting – the areas of radio and TV often require individual, custom-made solutions. Ever since its founding in 1996, Axel Technology specialised in integrated concepts that perfectly cater to the specific needs of a client. The company recruits customers far beyond its home country Italy, working with broadcasters in the United Arab Emirates, Uganda, India and many other countries, who all trust in Axel Technology’s reliable systems and individual service.

Radio and TV studios are highly complex facilities combining audio, video and network technology with broadcasting equipment and extensive content management into a single holistic system. Axel Technology recognised the customer’s need to have a single service provider for all these different aspects. This realisation resulted in transforming the company from a mere hardware manufacturer to a full-service provider that would handle every step of an installation from planning to execution. Simona Lippi, Sales Area Manager with Axel Technology, explains the idea: “It is a lot easier for customers to have to deal with only one single company instead of three or more. That is why we offer complete system solutions: hardware, software and system integration.” This holistic approach comes with a large amount of responsibility that can only be met with flawless components. Axel Technology uses DSP solutions by MARIAN that have proved themselves in numerous installations – in permanent operation day by day, year by year.

A responsible company like Axel Technology needs to work with suppliers whose products provide both absolute reliability and utmost flexibility. With comprehensive interface options from analogue multichannel audio to various digital connections like MADI, AES/EBU or ADAT, MARIAN DSP audio cards are prepared for countless applications – including WordClock distribution. The direct and fast service contact to MARIAN is also very important for a system house like Axel Technology. MARIAN proved to be an ideal partner in this regard, as Lippi attests: “When we equipped an Indian radio station, we had to make last-minute changes to the system when we were already on-site. MARIAN provided great support in that situation.”

Broadcast stations pretty much define the industry standards when it comes to audio quality. The bar was appropriately high when the Axel Technology engineers conducted their listening tests, but MARIAN was able to even go beyond their expectations. That is why MARIAN cards are not only used for customer installations, but also for the internal development department to serve as the unerring reference. Simona Lippi confirms: “When we develop new tools, we have set up a number of testing areas that all use MARIAN audio cards.” Maximum flexibility, top-quality audio and uncompromising reliability combined with outstanding customer service – MARIAN is Axel Technology’s perfect partner for current and future projects.

The high-quality MARIAN audio cards are distributed across Europe by cma audio exclusively. More information on the German manufacturer’s product portfolio is available.