Dala FM in Nigeria Hops on the IP Train with Lawo’s R3LAY

LAWO Dala FM R3LAY Screen new

Dala FM in Kano, the capital city of Kano State in Nigeria’s North West zone, is an independent radio station that promotes national unity, gives voice to the voiceless and raises the standards of broadcast journalism in its areas of coverage. Thanks to the adoption of Lawo’s R3LAY solution, it can now boost its momentum with state-of-the-art technology.

Nigeria is often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”, owing to its population of an estimated 260 million and Africa’s largest economy. Nigeria is considered by the World Bank to be an emerging market.

After some thorough market research, Dala FM 88.5 decided to migrate from the analog world to a fully IP-based radio setup. Its 16 audio channels, derived from analog, digital and IP sources, are connected to a media-grade PC running Lawo’s R3LAY Bundle.

“This bold decision turns Dala FM into Nigeria’s first virtual radio station. The entire Dala FM team immediately realized the potential of Lawo’s R3LAY VRX radio solution for its operations,” comments Opeyemi Ogunsaju, Lawo’s distributor in Nigeria. Dala FM’s setup furthermore includes seamless and flexible live-reporter contribution for news-gathering and on-location programming.

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R3LAY VRX provides state-of-the art audio management and maximum flexibility for up to 24 physical and IP-based audio sources, which makes content creation and newsroom integration a breeze. Lawo’s cloud-savvy software enables interoperability with myriad of radio applications for automation, recording, scheduling, commercials, news, broadcast streaming and visual radio.

Abbas M. Dalhatu, the Managing Director and Executive Director in charge of business development, who also spearheads engineering design, technology acquisition, training and commissioning, is adamant that Dala FM’s R3LAY-based IP solution is in line with the station’s ambitions and mission: “Today’s radio stations benefit from a PC-based, virtual IP approach in terms of flexibility, deployment and maintenance. Lawo’s R3LAY bundle is not only affordably priced, it also ticks all the right boxes in terms of intuitive operation, stability and reliability.”