AVT realizes NDR DAB+ playout for 16 regions

With the installation of NDR's new DAB+ playout system supplied by AVT, listeners will be able to receive news and weather information from their respective regions via DAB+ with a coveragethat was previously only possible via FM. The DAB+ playout, which was previously divided into four regions, was replaced by a completely new redundant DAB+ Ensemble multiplexer system for 16 regions.

"The large number of different programs posed a particular challenge, as each of the 16 regional multiplexes can generate eight to nine independent DAB+ programs." says Wolfgang Peters, Sales Director of the Germany-based company AVT. "Of course, this also requires a corresponding provision of audio signals and associateddata for the total of 129 programs. In addition, there are also program-independent regional data services for the 16 regions.

The exclusively IP-based playout was realized with the new MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer with integrated DAB+ encoders licensed by FhG. The system-internal redundancy switching ensures seamless switching of the multiplex signal, which is available as EDI and ETI/E1 signal.

The audio feed to the multiplexers including the audio monitoring is done via AES67 streams, which are connected to Prodigy audio converters from DirectOut. The regionally categorized slideshows are supplied by the PAD playout system of the company 4=1, Dynamic Label+, traffic announcements and TPEG traffic information is generated by the TIC system of the company GEWI. Linkage sets are triggered directly from the CGI automation software dira!

The monitoring of the entire system is realized via the EMBER+ signalling of the multiplexers and a visualization using the LAWO VisTool.

Asmanagement software, the new browser-based AVT DAB System Manageris used which enables the management of all 32 Ensemble multiplexers.

"This allows, for example, a comfortable firmware update of all systems within 10 minutes and the redundancy view shows the status of the entire system at a glance". Wolfgang Peters continues.

"AVT has implemented a solution that is optimally customized to the needs of NDR, which perfectly integrates all requirements of our workflow and the various interfaces of other system components. Despite the challenges causedby COVID-19, AVT succeeded in completing the project on schedule." says Thorsten Geselle, the responsible project manager at NDR.