Ferncast announced the launch of the newest update for the fernSecurity


Powered by aixtream software, Ferncast’s hardware audio codec for security agencies has received a new upgrade, which includes quality of life improvements and enhanced safety.

Ferncast has developed the fernSecurity to meet the demand of the security sector, including the police and other related agencies. Based on its expertise in audio transmission and recording, Ferncast has developed an audio codec with many security-relevant features like advanced file encryption, VPN setup, external file backup, advanced network security features, extensive event logging and audio analysis tools. The fernSecurity is a compact 1 RU, ½ 19” device, which supports 8 channel I/O and FLAC for lossless quality. Powered by aixtream software it offers a modern user interface for fast and efficient setup.

« There are some parallel requirements between broadcasting and security applications” commented Detlef Wiese, CEO of Ferncast. “When we look with our Ferncast glasses at the audio part the similarities are stability and quality, but also the need for secure audio from A to B. That’s why we have allocated resources for the security market to develop application in transmitting and monitoring audio. Key broadcasters are now also looking into security application mainly for sensitive content and the need of encrypted audio data. As the possibilities of manipulating news and reports are increasing, encryption, watermarking and other technologies are getting more attention in the broadcast market.”

Ferncasts software solution aixtream™? is a scalable software and it is constantly being improved and new features are added. Version 1.11.5 was released today and includes many security-relevant features.

New features include:

  • UI - Improved log viewer
    - The level of the message (Info, Error, Critical, etc.) is now displayed via the color of the message. This makes identifying issues much easier and saves space in the columns, which can then be used for other information.
    - The system object and user associated with an event are now displayed explicitly in the log, which makes it easier to associate notifications to specific parts of the operation.
    - Event Codes as part of the notification highlights common and important system messages. These Event Codes can be filtered for specifically.
  • RTP/AoIP: Timestamps can now use Wallclock.
  • New option to toggle HTML header embedding (frame/iframe/embed). This closes many security loopholes.
  • Logging: New event code I1013: WebAPI user logout
  • PIPE groups new event codes: I1015 (playing), I1016 (paused), I1017 (stopped), E1017 (stopped with error)
  • Kernel: HPET disabled to avoid specific hardware bugs

Aside from these, other features have been added or improved in version 1.11.5 and as always bugs continue to be fixed. aixtream version 1.11.5 is already available to the customer base.