2wcom’s IP-4c to facilitate audio broadcast applications

2wcom IP 4c SummerofProducts Aug small

The IP-4c four channel audio over IP codec is 2wcoms Swiss Army knife combined with quality made in Germany. Due to the supported protocols, standards, codecs, and the compatibility to third-party products it offers a multitude of facilities in operation. Many broadcast applications are easily managed e.g.:

Streaming Encoder: Feeding a streaming encoder or transcoding audio signals to adaptive bitrate protocols like HLS for further distribution via CDN.

Keeping the independence of all studio sites of a broadcaster’s network: This is possible by supporting AES67, Dante, Wheatnet, Ravenna or Livewire+ and all audio qualities. This enables to forward the contributions to the multimedia over IP network server at the headend for further transcoding respectively to the operated distribution chains. To overcame even stressful network conditions the IP-4c provides hot swappable power supplies, error correction mechanisms like Pro-MPEG FEC or SRT, streaming redundancy and back-up by sources.

FM or web radio (Icecast, HLS) to MPEG Transport Stream gateway and transcoder: Making the streams available on DVB transport for distribution for cable or satellite.

On-demand transcoders can be instantiated when needed: Operators can handle alternative audio streams like audio description or different audio streams for social media platforms and radio.

Perfect synchronization is achievable by NTP, PTPv2 (Precision Time Protocol) and 1PPS (1 Puls Per Second).

The codec assists the teams on-site in their daily workflow. Pre-configuration of hardware and software for operation, management and control is performed via an easy-to-use web interface and remotely via SNMP, Ember+ or JSON. A SIP phonebook simplifies intercommunication by negotiating protocols and codec algorithms just by one click.

The Codec is available as hardware or as server software to be flexibly installed in broadcaster’s system environment. in order, to make procurement as economical as possible, the sales concept follows the pay-as-you-grow approach. Conclusion: All features can be activated on-demand when needed.