Ferncast announced the launch of fernBerrie in Europe

An audio codec which combines small size and high performance

ferncast fernBerrie photo

The fernBerrie is powered by aixtream to ensure high quality audio transmission.

The fernBerrie is the smallest professional audio codec with front panel controls in the market and it supports all industry standards. This includes RTP and SIP transmission with any codec algorithm and it is powerful enough to handle all conventional bitrates. As it is powered by aixtream software, it benefits from all aixtream capabilities and its intuitive user interface. aixtream is a scalable and customizable software which is constantly being improved by Ferncast developers to ensure highest quality audio transmission.

The fernBerrie is therefore the most affordable 2+ channel solution in an exceptionally small package, which makes it a perfect solution for radio stations (fernBerrie Radio) and sound studios (fernBerrie Studio). It’s also a reliable and professional solution for voice-over speakers who will appreciate the simple set up (fernBerrie Voice).

"fernBerrie is a real milestone in professional audio transmission.” said Detlef Wiese, Ferncast CEO. “I am glad that our team has developed such a device, which is small, has a reasonable price and at the same time offers aixtream software functionality. We are now looking into various applications from audio monitoring via radio streaming to OB van, reporter and voice over communication.”

It is now available for sale in Europe. Österreichischer Rundfunksender (ORS) has already ordered 30 units for its Radio stations. The fernBerrie Studio is indeed a perfect solution for branch stations transmitting to a concentrator.