Ferncast announced the release of the new version 1.11 of its aixtream software with improved xHE-AAC HLS support

Ferncasts software solution aixtream is a scalable software, running as server or VM installation. It is constantly being improved and new features are added. Version 1.11 was released today with the following features:

The support for xHE-AAC output for HLS streams has been improved in order to facilitate future developments regarding its use in OTT streams, like Loudness control.

The HLS output supports now CMAF, as well as ISOBMFF via its muxer settings. CMAF is an emerging standard which simplifies the delivery of HTTP streaming audio. Its purpose is to be a common media format for streams in order to reduce costs and complexity for stream creators.

Monitoring the audio output of multiple connections at once was already possible via the Monitor PIPE, which allows users to mix multiple PIPEs onto it and listen to the output. In order to maximize the comfort especially for users who may use only few connections or ad-hoc connections, Ferncast introduced the option to listen in on any active PIPE, even without using the Monitor PIPE. This is handled via the inbuilt media player.

As many customers requested it, the integration of our WebAPI with various management systems has been improved and simplified. A generic status messages system makes it easier now for third-party management systems to access the API status outputs. In addition, there is also a Skyline DataMiner integration.

Moreover, some other features have been added or improved in version 1.11 in addition to general bug fixing. Among these features, customers can find: support for Audinate Dante PCIe and AVIO-USB cards, metadata pull mode added (via HTTP GET), RTP/DVB/AoIP Sinks QoS Parameter added, improved log export (via the Archive), event codes and corresponding log filter option, activating a Stream group as reaction to a single PIPE receiving a stream.

"Our strategy with aixtream is to grow in functionality and also to fulfill requirements of 24/7, robustness and stability.” said Detlef Wiese, Ferncast CEO. ‘We have developed an audio streaming software for radio stations, covering the communication part with SIP audio, and we are now integrating other system aspects such as DVB and Radio-on-Demand. At the same time, we are focusing on customer requests regarding processing, noise reduction, multi-band-compression and R.128. aixtream is the perfect solution for all type of live audio applications. In the last two years we noticed that the radio industry is willing to move to software to benefit from many advantages: less rack space, less power consumption, much easier handling and huge flexibility of their investment."

aixtream version 1.11 was released to the customer base on the 22nd of May 2020.