DIE NEUE 107.7 using Orban Products

DIE NEUE 107.7 is based in Stuttgart, Germany and it is the most listened to local radio station in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The programme with the best rock and pop songs is broadcasted on seven FM frequencies, via DAB+, digital cable and, of course, through the internet as web stream.

Right from the beginning we have used Orban Optimod for our sound processing. Until 2011 the legendary 8101B was in operation and from then until the end of 2019 we used the Optimod 8500. For the DAB+ network 11b in Baden-Wuerttemberg the radio station bought the “little brother”, the Optimod 6300, whose processing is optimized for digital media. During all the years the Orban products have always been able to cope easily with any change in musical taste. Whereas two decades ago, a rather warm, voluminous sound was popular, DIE NEUE 107.7 is now focusing on a wider sound and high speech intelligibility.


Since 2016 DIE NEUE 107.7 operates its own FM transmitter network and for that reason has invested in antennas and FM transmitters. To make sure that the signal is transmitted from the studio to the transmitter location in the best possible quality and without losing any details, the transmission of a digital MPX signal is prepared. For this reason, DIE NEUE 107.7 has installed three Optimod 8700i LT and put them into operation at the beginning of 2020. We bought the units from the company Audio Pro in Heilbronn, a long-term distributor of the Optimod products. There is no questioning of the sound: Orban remains true to its principles and continues to create technical innovations. In this way, the sound remains clearly recognizable and at the same time maximises the limits of the current FM regulations. Besides that, there are several new features which should not be underestimated.

ORBAN Rack with Optimods small

Even though the previous products were already extremely reliable, the dual power supplies of the new units help us to further increase the transmission reliability. We are also monitor the Optimods via SNMP and can therefore react quickly to any alarms or errors which may have occurred in the transmission chain even before the Optimod.

By Okofo Addai, Technical Director DIE NEUE 107.7