Tabletop miking & „The Blue Colette Set“

SCHOEPS is introducing new solutions for tabletop miking. The renowned German microphone manufacturer also presents a new, limited-edition “The Blue Colette Set”.

Schoeps CMC1TableSet

Social distancing has led increasingly to video conferences, presentations and YouTube videos being made in home environments. Schoeps emphasizes that the microphone is the single piece of audio equipment with the greatest influence on sound quality. The problems become obvious to everyone who watches TV or attends a remote meeting. There is much less use of miniature body microphones due to the risk of infection from close personal contact. Schoeps has put together some tips for video conferencing on its website.

For applications such as these, SCHOEPS is introducing some new products. The new CMC 1 Table Set includes the T 20 table stand, which is a variant of the classic TC table stand. For those needing an even simpler arrangement, Schoeps presents the TIMK, a one-piece, zero-setup-time combination of a directional microphone (cardioid or supercardioid) with an integral table stand.

Schoeps BlueColetteSet peliopen

“The Blue Colette Set” is a beautiful, small set for indoor film sound production, consisting of an MK 41 supercardioid capsule, a CUT 60 low-cut filter and a CMC 1 miniature amplifier. All three items come in an attractive blue Peli Case 1015, and they all have the same special blue finish as Schoeps’ well-known CMIT shotgun microphones. The set also includes a B 5 D pop screen, specially constructed with an interior air space for optimal protection but minimal sound coloration. This combination is what Schoeps and many film sound specialists, such as Oscar award winner Simon Hayes, recommend as a standard indoor setup for film sound using a boom. It is also an excellent microphone setup for video streaming applications.

“The Blue Colette Set” is available in a limited edition of only 100 pieces at the price of €1637 or $2070 per set.