Ferncast announced that its software aixtream can now support Dante as an input and output protocol

ferncast Studiolight Dante

With this update, aixtream can now replace multiple other devices as an all-in-one solution. Therefore, no additional hardware is needed anymore for conversion from Dante to SIP.

Studio operators equipped with Dante have asked Ferncast to expand the software audio streaming solution aixtream™ to enable direct transmission over SIP with a Dante input. They wish to be more flexible and also to have the complete SIP audio operation under their own control. They also want to easily access the remote studios and voice-over artists with the same management of audio as the rest of their Dante system. Before, only audio codecs with analog, digital or AES67 inputs were available for studio applications, but from now on with aixtream solutions, Dante can also be used with classical SIP transmission.

Tobias Dornbusch, Documentation and Support Engineer at Ferncast said: “It is necessary that a server running audio codec software, such as aixtream or a hardware such as fernStudio Light or fernStation already includes and supports Dante hardware. This allows a direct integration of the audio codec into a Dante environment. The types of Dante interfaces may vary depending on the number of channels which are required to communicate with other remote sites but aixtream allows the users to scale their desired solution exactly to their needs.”

aixtream from Ferncast is a software which can run on servers, either as full installation or as virtualization and is supported by a large variety of different hardware setups, either generic or customized by Ferncast. Running on fernStudio light and fernStation as well as on server installations, aixtream can now support Dante as an input and output protocol.

aixtream in a Dante studio environment has quite a number of interesting benefits for the operators:

  • Highly available for 24/7 operation, including automatic fall back to redundant systems comprehensive monitoring of operations, including alarms and fast user-driven adaptation
  • Possibility to expand from AES/EBU and MADI to AES67
  • Dante input supports every possible output, not just SIP, including OTT streaming, DVB transcoding per MPEG TS and more
  • Updates offered by Ferncast’s online customer service center steadily increase the number of features offered by aixtream like network statistics and analysis, multi-channel encoding,
  • AC-3 software certified by Akamai and nacamar and more

Fabio Devescovi, Sales Engineer at Videolink AG, commented: “At Videolink we distribute products of leading tech companies for broadcast solutions in Switzerland. Some studios are already equipped with Dante audio on their network. That’s why a direct link from the Dante network to an audio codec which will then establish a remote connection is extremely appreciated and convenient for our customers."