Ferncast GmbH and nacamar GmbH announced a long-term cooperation agreement in streaming technology

Ferncast GmbH is pleased to announce that its aixtream software and all aixtream products are certified for Ybrid, the interactive streaming technology from nacamar.

Ferncast GmbH and nacamar GmbH announced a long-term cooperation agreement in the streaming area to ensure the best Ybrid experience for the end user.

Ybrid as an interactive streaming technology for broadcasters was built to break through the linear format and create personalized listening experiences. With Ybrid both live and pure on-demand cases can now be customized to the end consumer’s desires. Personalization can take the form of exchanging played music titles or through different compilations of news or advertisement.
aixtream software and all Ferncast audio codecs powered by aixtream are fully compliant with the requirements of Ybrid. This compliance is achieved through full integration of processes relevant to YBrid operation and extensive testing of Ybrid functionality. This makes aixtream the premier platform for successful and comprehensive Ybrid® contribution, including full implementation into Ferncast’s PIPE concept.

aixtream software is the core of Ferncast’s offerings and marks the next level of live audio streaming and transmission platforms. aixtream is a customized scalable software solution for all live audio applications. While aixtream itself can be used as software installation or virtualization, it is running on all Ferncast’s hardware solutions as well.

As a result of this cooperation, Ferncast and nacamar presented together their innovative audio solutions at the European Radio show in Paris last January and they are working closely together to develop new projects in the future to revolutionize the broadcast industry.