Ferncast is revolutionizing the broadcast industry with its software-driven audio transmission solutions

Ferncast was selected to present its innovative audio transmission solutions at the IRT FIT-PRO19 in Munich


With 60 years of experience, the IRT is an internationally renowned research and competence center for broadcast and media technology. They research, observe and develop new technologies in the digital audiovisual media, always with the goal to strategically adjust the broadcast idea to new market environments and requirements. The IRT FIT-PRO19 took place in Munich on the 3rd and 4th December and focused this year on live audio streaming and how the production has to adapt to it.

Ferncast had the opportunity to present fernStation a powerful 2 RU codec device powered by aixtream-software at the IRT FIT-PRO19. As the future of broadcast technology moves rapidly into server installations and virtual machine solutions by removing embedded products, Ferncast invested all its resources into the aixtream-software scheme in order to have a solution which runs on dedicated servers and virtualized machines as well as dedicated hardware equally well. Now, aixtream has turned into an all-rounder for digital audio transmission and transcoding. Its scalability from 1 to multiple hundreds of streams, its flexibility in terms of supported formats and standards and its ability to grow over time with the broadcaster’s requirements, result in an extremely powerful solution for OTT, DVB, SIP, DAB EDI/IP, transcoding and capturing applications.

“Ferncast develops scalable software solutions for all, absolutely all, live audio applications” explained Dr. Hauke Krüger, CEO of Ferncast, at the FIT-PRO19, “which means for all applications: digital playout, OB vans, reporting, voice-over, studios, and also security agencies while supporting all transmission and streaming protocols as well as all kinds of transcoding.”