Ferncast announced the release of the new version of its aixtream software

With this update, Ferncast ensures maximal compatibility of its aixtream SIP functionality.


With the new aixtream software version 1.9 the SIP functionality of the software's user interface has been reworked with the goal of improving it further. Ferncast would like to thank its current customers and testers for all the valuable feedback during the development of this update. It includes many usability enhancements as well as streamlining of SIP workflows. The various SIP functions are now better integrated and synced with each other. One example of this is the ability to create new Phonebook entries directly in the SIP Connection Overview widget. Meanwhile, central "Codec Profiles" are meant to make codec configuration faster and more consistent.

Dr IngBerndGeiser

Another objective for the Ferncast team was to improve compatibility with other SIP services and common standards. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Geiser, main SIP developer at Ferncast, explained: "While EBU Tech 3326 lays out clear standards for SIP implementation, in practice many individual implementations do differ on various points. In most cases these differences are due to special requirements necessitated by specific use cases or circumstances. Knowing this, our development team aimed at maximizing compatibility with other de facto standards of SIP implementation which are not always found in the EBU Tech 3326."