All information about video streamers from Tascam now available

VS R265 right angle pr

After a short announcement in January, Tascam have now released all the information about their brand new AV streamers and recorders. VS-R265 and VS-R264 are AV-over-IP streaming encoders and decoders which offer simultaneous encoding, streaming, recording and decoding of audio/video material in 4K/UHD or Full HD resolution using the H.265/HEVC or H.264 video codecs. They can be used for transmissions over corporate networks and WANs or for live streaming into the internet plus automatic FTP upload of recorded files to network storage.

Utilising open streaming formats and protocols, both models support several CDNs and online live platforms. With power over Ethernet or external 12 Volt supply, HDMI in/out with audio embedding and de-embedding, and full control from a RESTful API allowing for integration into automation and control systems, these units are extremely versatile.