NAB Show 2019: Qvest Media launches Qvest.Cloud

Presentation of product versions Qvest.Cloud Go! and Qvest.Cloud Ultimate

Launch Qvest Cloud NAB2019

At NAB Show Qvest Media launches the multicloud management platform Qvest.Cloud. At booth SU9014, Qvest Media introduced and demonstrated the newly developed product lines Qvest.Cloud Ultimate for enterprise solutions and Qvest.Cloud Go!. Qvest.Cloud Go! includes first ready-to-use packages for media tasks such as live event production, post-production, archiving, disaster recovery or playout. The packages are pre-configured with cloud applications from leading software manufacturers.

Video content plays a key role these days in areas such as home and mobile entertainment, education or the industrial sector. The rise of cloud computing enables companies to streamline their processes of video content aggregation, production and distribution in a flexible and adaptable manner for all kinds of industries and to align them with the constantly changing media consumption behaviour.

Qvest.Cloud is built for companies that want to efficiently orchestrate, manage and monitor their media technology - either on-premise, with a single cloud provider, in a multicloud environment, or using a hybrid model. Furthermore, system resources can be scaled on demand and the cost structure of production processes can be analyzed and planned. To perform these tasks, Qvest.Cloud comes with the integrated services of cloud automation, workflow orchestration, user management, monitoring, measuring & billing and cost control.

Workflows can be designed with an intuitive graphical user interface and linked flexibly with any manufacturer’s application that needs to be integrated. The partner ecosystem, which currently comprises cloud applications from over 40 leading manufacturers from the media and IT industry, is constantly expanding.

At launch, Qvest Media will be offering its Qvest.Cloud Ultimate and Qvest.Cloud Go! versions. The Ultimate solution is the key to complete systems integration in the cloud. Media companies and broadcasters can therefore map their end-to-end workflow using Qvest.Cloud Ultimate. With Qvest.Cloud Go!, Qvest Media offers pre-configured, ready-to-use package solutions. Qvest Media distributes the various packages as SaaS model, which allows flexible use and scaling. Qvest Media will unveil its first Qvest.Cloud Go! packages Q.Live (live event production), Q.Create (post-production), Q.Store (archiving), Q.Safe (disaster recovery), and Q.Air (channel playout) in Las Vegas. More than 30 partner applications are currently already being orchestrated in these products.

Qvest.Cloud was launched at NAB Show in Las Vegas.