System with parabolic dish and microphone by SCHOEPS

Parabolic dish system

Renowned microphone manufacturer Schoeps presents an innovative parabolic dish system at NAB which was developed in collaboration with the Swedish manufacturer Telinga. Schoeps explains the current customer request for such a special system with the increased demand for pristine sound quality in sports broadcasts and nature recording as well as in sound design. No system other than a parabolic dish can achieve this high a directivity at medium and high frequencies, not even the digital shotgun SuperCMIT, another special microphone from Schoeps.

Schoeps has put some thoughts on the topic to compensate for the usual disadvantages. To achieve a balanced frequency response, position and microphone type are precisely matched to the dish. Contrary to common practice, Schoeps recommends not only its omni CCM 2, but also the directional microphones CCM 21 (wide cardioid) and CCM 4 (cardioid). The Schoeps website explains the differences between these options and makes recommendations for choosing the type. The inherent necessity for equalization of the signal is solved with the new, free plug-in ParabolEQ. It achieves a transparent frequency response between 100 and 20,000 Hz given the microphone type and a few other parameters. Another innovation is the integrated Rycote windscreen, which addresses wind problems when using pressure gradient microphones. Parabolic mirror, microphones and plugin are now available.