Free MPEG-H upgrade for the Spatial Audio Designer V2


New Audio Technology, well known for its immersive audio products, announce the free upgrade of the Spatial Audio Designer which now includes complete MPEG-H support.

Right in time for the beginning of the new year, the SAD V2 with MPEG-H support is released for MacOS and Windows. Customers can upgrade instantly and for free. The new SAD V2 supports the creation, authoring, monitoring and export of MPEG-H masters. The new SAD V2 can be inserted as a plug-in in any digital audio workstation (DAW) and offers a complete MPEG-H workflow for any audio or music producer.

Tom Ammermann, general manager of New Audio Technology and Grammy nominee for ‘Best Surround Sound Album’ 2018 with Kraftwerk 3D – The Catalog said: “It was a real challenge. We had to change the SAD structure basically to integrate the MPEG-H real-time workflow. It should run just out of the standard immersive audio workflow. We wanted to prevent long learning processes because the focus should be to create MPEG-H content intuitively. This development was supported by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS pretty well whose real-time processing engine we implemented in the SAD. So, we’re pretty certain, the SAD will stay the market leading tool to create immersive audio in the professional domain.”

MPEG-H is a next-generation audio standard. It supports different sources including objects, multichannel mixes and ambisonics masters. Additionally, MPEG-H supports the usage of metadata that consumers at home can use to create an individual mix from the MPEG-H stream. Currently SAD supports the MPEG-H standard as defined in ATSC 3.0 and DVB. For the transport within the studio environment the SAD creates a format which can transport the audio tracks together with the metadata over the sixteen audio channels of the SDI infrastructure used worldwide in broadcast.