Lawo smartSCOPE Deep Packet Inspection & Network Analyzer At IBC


German IP broadcast infrastructure supplier Lawo is presenting at IBC on booth 8.B50 its smartSCOPE Deep Packet Inspection & Network Analyzer – a media-agnostic, high-density 24/7 analysis platform for IP flows in live production and delivery networks.

Increasingly used as the backbone of modern audio/video production and broadcasting, IP flows are, nevertheless, vulnerable to packet loss, jitter, encoding errors and transport violations among other service affecting errors. To address these issues, monitoring and visualization technologies that are able to identify these and other impairments are imperative to the secure and stable operation of a network. Designed specifically for this task, smartSCOPE provides the essential analysis and decoding processing necessary to alert the operation tiers of service and packet transport related impairments in ST2110/ST2022/ASPEN production flows, linear MPEG services and over-the-top adaptive bitrate (OTT/ABR) defined streams.

At the heart of smartSCOPE’s operation, data packets are processed for service compliance and the condition of the delivery network analyzed. This dual-analysis approach provides a clear demarcation between delivery and processing, dramatically reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR) and eliminating ‘finger pointing’ between the transport and processing departments.

Lawo’s smartSCOPE decodes and analyzes media flows across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces, with the ability to examine compressed formats (including MPEG-2 TS, H.264 and HEVC), production formats (including ST2022-6/7, ST2110-20/30/40, ASPEN RDD-37 and PTP), OTT formats (including HLS, HDS, RTMP and DASH), and audio formats (including AES67, PCM, MP1-L1, AAC, HE-AAC and A-52).