The web’s high-quality audio revolution

Announcing Cleanfeed Pro; an upgrade to the remote audio service for radio, podcasters and producers.

With advances in technology comes new opportunities. Previously the domain of high-end studios, now with Cleanfeed anyone can send, receive and record live audio — anywhere in the world, using only a browser.

This unique service is already used every day by professionals; breaking down geographical barriers by enabling live, full quality audio with lower delay than a typical cell phone call.

Unlike phone apps and conferencing tools, Cleanfeed is higher quality and focused on content creation: voiceovers, stereo outside broadcasts, production collaboration, remote co-presenting, podcast guests and more.

Today we’re announcing Cleanfeed Pro. This optional upgrade unlocks the full set of Cleanfeed features. With greater control and by reducing dependency on hardware, Cleanfeed Pro is part of a faster, more flexible workflow for creatives.

A subscription for Cleanfeed Pro costs $34/€28/£25 per month, with a reduction for non-commercial use. Only one party needs a subscription. The standard Cleanfeed service continues to be free to use by signing up at