2wcom upgrades MM01 Audio over IP codec

MM01 front back 800

Flensburg, Germany – 2wcom says the latest release in its Audio over IP codec now not only supports the Livewire+ standard but also allows flexible integration of the whole Telos Axia product range. Besides, by using the MM01 as a bidirectional codec, live monitoring via GPO GPI routing and GPO to GPI mapping are also possible.

Moreover, the new Easy2connect feature allows operators and reporters in the field an uncomplicated connection establishment. It is possible to set up a SIP phonebook via a web interface, which implies the information of the possible codec algorithms and the corresponding phonebook entry for each studio of a network or to build up the SIP connection in a situational way. 

Easy2Connect 800

The MM01 point to point or point to multipoint audio codec is using IP-based audio network technologies for real-time streaming and supports all standards for Audio over IP compatibility (in compliance to EBU TECH 3326 and AES67 incl. SAP and RTSP, Ravenna / Livewire+) and  all common codec algorithms are processed (e.g. MPEG I/II Layer 2/3, HE-AACv1&v2, AAC-LD, G.711, G.722, E-aptX and PCM).

To enhance transmission robustness the MM01 is equipped with mechanisms like DualStreaming, Stream4Sure and Pro-MPEG FEC. Thus, the MM01 is applicable in all kinds of AoIP networks – for example: SSL, STL, audio description, in-ear monitoring or single frequency networks (by its advanced latency control). Furthermore, requirement for best possible audio quality and at the same time transmission economy can optimally harmonized, depending on the given conditions.