GeMINI Report BlauFelsen

The new products range from MAYAH Communications, titled “GeMINI” is now available for sale. This was announced in the newest MAYAH Newsletter. This new range consists of the GeMINI Studio, GeMINI Security and GeMINI Report. With this MAYAH intends to cover the full range of applications, including studio, reporter and security.

All GeMINIs are controlled via the newest version of the browser-based MAYAH WebRemote. This new version offers many new features and an entirely reworked design, which is meant for user-friendly, simple and fast usage. A steady and regular stream of expansions, add-ons and updates are also planned. MAYAH intends to include customer feedback when designing these.

A short overview of the new products:

GeMINI Studio

The GeMINI Studio is the model for use in studios, branch locations and OB vans. This makes it the successor to the models C10 and C12.

The GeMINI Studio features:

  • compact design
  • 8x analog In/Out
  • 4x AES/EBU In/Out
  • Opus, AAC HE, mp3, Linear, G.722, FLAC and more
  • modern and simple to use control software

GeMINI Security

A special version of the GeMINI Studio intended for encrypted audio transmission. The added features include better support and expanded settings for encryption and VPN. The hardware corresponds to that of the GeMINI Studio, with additional widgets for security applications.

GeMINI Report

The GeMINI Report is the newest portable reporter device from MAYAH. To ensure the easiest possible use of the device, the included WebRemote 5.0 is controlled directly via touchscreen.

The GeMINI Report features:

  • touchscreen controls
  • 4x XLR Mic/Line In
  • 2x XLR Line In
  • 4x Headphone Out
  • Opus, AAC HE, mp3, linear, G.722, FLAC and more!
  • modern and simple to use control software