SSL SystemTGoesLarge 1

Solid State Logic has delivered its largest single System T configuration to-date, for immediate delivery to a large international broadcast facility.

At the core of the system are two sets of redundant T80 Tempest Engines with a total capacity of 1600 fully processed audio paths, assignable to any control surface. The control network includes two 82-fader surfaces, each with three operator positions and four large multi-gesture touch screens. There is also a PC-based T-SOLSA (SSL Online/Offline Set-up and control Application) control position with an additional 16-fader hardware control panel, assignable to either control surface.

The whole system has over 5400 input channels and 4500 output channels of Solid State Logic Network IO, all connected to a redundant Dante Network operating at both 96kHz and 48kHz.

SSL SystemTGoesLarge 3

While large, this system is still scalable as desired, simply by adding additional System T control devices, Tempest processing engines, and Dante, AES67, SMPTE 2110-based I/O. Dante routing is distributed, so no dedicated routing hardware is required - simply a suitable IP infrastructure built with COTS (Common Off-The-Shelf) switching hardware. A single 24-port Ethernet switch, for example, is the equivalent of a 12,000 x 12,000 cross-point router.

Any Dante I/O can be added to a System T network, which means that System T can also choose from over 1000 I/O devices from over 350 manufacturers, including multi-format devices like the SSL Network I/O: MADI Bridge that can bring existing I/O to the new IP-based infrastructure.