BeatRig Grimm Audio LevelOneV2 adds exciting features


LevelOne has been the industries’ standard desktop loudness normalizer from the early start of the loudness revolution. Grimm Audio’s loudness software partner BeatRig now introduces LevelOne Version 2.

LevelOneV2 of course still offers fast drag and drop loudness analysis and processing of files and folders, in compliance with the EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 recommendations. But on customer demand BeatRig added a few exciting features. First of all a True Peak Limiter function that offers normalization to programs that peak too high. Even more interesting are multiple ‘hot folders’, a feature normally only found in much more expensive products. Files that are added to these folders will automatically be analysed or processed, according to the stored hot folder preference. This is a very powerful feature that offers perfect integration of LevelOneV2 in anyone’s work flow. The third improvement is FFmpeg compatibility, so many more file formats (like MXF) are now supported. All in all LevelOneV2 offers huge value for €99.