Ferncast ngLc

Ferncast loudness control tool small

ngLC is Ferncast’s next generation Loudness Control, one of the most refined normalization and loudness adjustment algorithms yet. Developed in cooperation with major public and private German broadcasters, ngLC ensures that even the most diverse sets of tracks come out seamlessly and professionally leveled. The rich set of parameters ensures that you can adjust the normalization process to receive a sound that matches the experience you desire for your listeners. It is also ensuring a consistent loudness even for long tracks with multiple parts and a high dynamic range.

The parametrization includes:

  • Targets for loudness (LUFS) and peak (dbFS) can be set
  • Presets are available - tuned by renowned sound engineers
  • UI tools for creating custom profiles
  • Leveler and limiter
  • Up to 4 parameter sets for different operating points
  • Automatically switched depending on current signal
  • Iterative optimization process, trading off
    - EBU R128 loudness
    - EBU R128 true peak
    - EBU Tech 3342 loudness range

Ulrich Kubak, CEO of Klassik Radio AG, commented: „Our experience with Ferncast’s Loudness Control has been amazing. We used conventional normalization before, but the ngLC is truly exceptional in how it achieved a truly consistent sound across our entire catalogue of thousands upon thousands of tracks. We believe this creates real value for the listener and has lifted their listening experience to the next level." As always, the new version 3.7 includes numerous improvements, additions and general bug fixing. It was released last week to the customer base.