Violectric DHA V5902 and DHA V3802

Handmade reference-quality headphone amplifiers with integrated DA-converters

Violectric DHA V5902 small
Violectric DHA V5902 Front

With its innovative products, Violectric has always met the highest demands regarding sound quality. The converters and headphone amplifiers from the manufacture near Lake Constance enjoy an excellent reputation and are considered an insider tip among connoisseurs. Violectric lives up to this reputation with the second editions of the digital headphone amplifiers DHA V5902 and the V3802, raising the bar a little higher once again.

Both the Violectric DHA V5902 and the DHA V3802 are comprehensive audio systems combining first-class conversion with a powerful headphone amplifier. The reference-level build quality guarantees an outstanding listening experience. With a variety of connection and switching options, the V5902 and V3802 constitute the ideal central control element in a sophisticated home audio system. Up to three headphones can be driven via one balanced and two unbalanced front connections. Depending on the type of headphones, level adjustments can be made with pre-gain switches on the back of the amplifier. The V5902 also features a balanced XLR stereo input, a motorized volume and a balance knob, and can be remote-controlled.

Violectric DHA V3802 front small
Violectric DHA V3802 Front

Both the Violectric DHA V5902 and the DHA V3802 employ newly developed ESS-Tech ES9026 PRO converters to translate the digital input into analogue output. Digital signals are converted in the highest possible quality from the formats PCM with up to 384 kHz and DSD-over-PCM (DoP) into analogue audio. From hi-res streaming to the own music collection, V5902 and V3802 perfectly reproduce every instrument, every tone, every detail of a musical performance.

Violectric DHA V5902 back small
Violectric DHA V5902 Back

With the connection options offered, the Violectric DHA V5902 and DHA V3802 offer outstanding versatility. An optical connection, a USB connector for PCM and DSD and a coaxial input for S/PDIF plus, on the V5902, an XLR socket for AES/EBU are available as digital inputs. The analogue inputs consist of two unbalanced RCA stereo connections and an additional balanced XLR stereo input on the V5902. The analogue outputs on both devices are divided into a balanced and two unbalanced headphone connections on the front, while the back features an unbalanced RCA stereo connection and a balanced XLR stereo connection. The rear outputs can be switched to include or omit the main volume control. The various inputs and outputs can be selected using the remote control and buttons (V5902) or toggle switches on the front of the housing (V3802). On the V5902, headphones and line outputs can be used at the same time.

Violectric DHA V3802 back small
Violectric DHA V3802 Back

In order to meet their own standards, and those of their customers, Violectric consistently takes great care chosing and processing materials and components; the DHA V5902 and DHA V3802 are no exception. The top-quality conversion by the ESS-Tech ES9026 PRO then passes an Alps RK 27 (motorized on the DHA V5902) with eight transistors for the unbalanced headphone channels and 16 transistors for the balanced headphone channel. The balance control of the V5902 is also realised with an Alps RK 27. In the PRO variant of the V5902, a sophisticated reed relay circuit with 256 steps replaces the potentiometer to achieve even greater precision. Additional circuits protect the devices from direct current, overload or overvoltage and delay the switch-on process to protect the headphones. All components are carefully assembled by hand and installed into a subtle, black anodized housing with a six (V3802) or eight (V5902) millimetre thick front panel.

The Violectric DHA V5902 and the Violectric DHA V3802 are distributed exclusively by cma audio and will be available in early August 2021. The remote control is included with the V5902. The MSRP are 3,799.00 euros for the DHA V5902 PRO, 3,299.00 euros for the DHA V5902 and 2,299.00 euros for the DHA V3802.