Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron World Winds

VSL Synchron World Winds Bansuris

The Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of Synchron World Winds, a brand-new library of nine ethnic woodwind instruments, recorded in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna. All included instruments are also available separately, starting at €40 during the introductory period:

  • Synchron Bansuris
  • Synchron Dizis
  • Synchron Duduks
  • Synchron Gajdica
  • Synchron Hulusi
  • Synchron Koncovka
  • Synchron Shakuhachi
  • Synchron Tin Whistles
  • Synchron Zurna

The Synchron World Winds Collection that includes all instruments is currently available at introductory prices of €395 (reg. €595) for the Standard Library and €590 (reg. €850) for the Full Library.

Including instruments from diverse countries and regions such as India (bansuri), China (dizi, hulusi), Armenia (duduk), Slovakia (gajdica, koncovka), Japan (shakuhachi) the British Isles (tin whistles), and Central Eurasia (zurna), this deep-sampled collection offers a wide range of evocative sounds from exquisite wind instruments. All instruments feature a wide variety of playing techniques, including short notes, long notes, legatos, portamentos, trills, flutter tongue, repetitions, glissandos, bends, grace notes, ornaments and much more.

VSL SynchronBansuris bend mixer small

The performances on the large Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna were captured with seven separate phase-coherent microphone configurations to provide a broad range of room options. All of them are available as separate channels in the mixer section of the Vienna Synchron Player, letting users customize their sound according to their needs and liking. A variety of mixer presets makes getting started with perfectly mixed sounds right out of the box easy and rewarding.

All instruments in the Synchron World Winds library were played by multi-instrumentalist, folk instruments expert, and member of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, Veronika Vitazkova. She has played in many orchestras, among them the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and Tonkünstler Orchestra, has toured Europe as a solo flutist with the late Ennio Morricone, and played at esteemed festivals from Salzburger Festspiele to Hollywood in Vienna.

Having performed on countless film scores at Synchron Stage Vienna, Veronika feels very much at home on the large Stage A and marvels at the exceptional acoustics of this scoring stage that contribute substantially to the overall sound of each instrument. Recording for Synchron World Winds, she not only draws from her experiences of performing as a solo artist or ensemble member of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, but also from recording samples for VSL libraries such as Synchron Woodwinds, Big Bang Orchestra, and the free Fujara Flute.