Comprehensive integrated mixing environment in MARIAN audio systems

MARIAN Beast small

All MARIAN audio solutions deliver impeccable sound and reliability. With ASIO Direct Monitoring, latency-free monitoring during recording is a given. Clara and Seraph audio systems go even beyond this and feature the Beast, a 64-channel mixer with 8 sums – enormous potential for professional studio, broadcast and installation environments.

The powerful Clara and Seraph audio systems from MARIAN are popular with professional users due to their impressive sound quality and their absolute reliability. The Beast enhances the systems with an intuitive mixing environment that includes comprehensive tone control and routing options. The entire signal processing happens on the MARIAN systems’ DSPs, keeping the computer’s processor free for other tasks. The Beast was inspired by classic mixing desks both in sound and workflow.

The Beast mixer by MARIAN provides discerning sound engineers with 64 fully-equipped channels. All important parameters can be accessed instantly, invoking the intuitive workflow of analogue mixing consoles. In terms of sound, the Beast is equally impressive: channel processing is at 32 bits, while the summing uses 56 bits, resulting in an additional headroom of up to 24 dB.

The Beast mixer in Clara and Seraph systems by MARIAN provides intuitive and ergonomic handling of all important audio parameters. Every channel features phase reverse, mute and solo options, aux channels that can be switched between pre- and post-fader configurations, and a fully parametric four-band EQ emulating top-end analogue equalizers. Every input and output path in the Beast mixer can be freely routed to internal DAW channels or the physical inputs and outputs of installed MARIAN systems.

Having multiple musicians with different headphone mixes in the studio can prove challenging for the engineer. With eight individually adjustable sums, the Beast turns this task into a piece of cake. It is inconsequential whether the separate playback signals come from the DAW or external sources, as the accurate MARIAN clock and the latency-free processing of the Beast DSPs provide outstandingly precise timing in all scenarios, as is imperative for professional monitoring. With regards to sound itself, the Beast mixer offers utmost freedom when it comes to setting up different monitor mixes: every single bus can be individually configured to be affected by channel EQs or not.

With its wide-ranging routing options, the MARIAN Beast mixer goes above and beyond the possibilities of traditional mixing desks, offering the functionality of a sophisticated audio matrix. All inputs and outputs can be routed to virtual DAW busses or physical interfaces, always providing accurate timing. For example, if an application requires multiple DAW signals to be mixed with external sources and recorded to the DAW, the Beast can just do that. What is more, signals can be duplicated within the Beast environment, if the same signal needs to be forwarded with different processing.

The DSP-based Beast mixing environment is a part of every Clara and Seraph audio system from MARIAN. The prices are:

  • Clara D: 639,00 EUR
  • Clara Dmaj: 929,00 EUR
  • Clara D MWX: 719,00 EUR
  • Clara Dmaj MWX: 1.098,00 EUR
  • Seraph 8 MKII: 649,90/679,90 EUR
  • Seraph AD8 MKII: 899,00/929,00 EUR
  • Seraph 8 MKII MWX: 729,90/759,90 EUR
  • Seraph AD8 MKII MWX: 965,00/998,00 EUR