Virtual Instrument

Native Instruments Cremona Quartet 12.10.2020
Spitfire Audio announces availability of INTIMATE STRINGS 17.09.2020
Eventide Takes Chaos to the Next Level with Newfangled Audio Generate Polysynth 09.09.2020
Kostenloses Major-Update für Waverazor 07.09.2020
Spitfire Audio Symphonic Motions 05.09.2020
Native Instruments präsentiert KOMPLETE 13 mit GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020
Native Instruments reveals KOMPLETE 13 with GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020
Eventide Unleashes Chaos with Free Newfangled Audio Pendulate Monosynth 01.09.2020
W.A. Production Imperfect Synthesizer 28.08.2020
Reason Studios announces Friktion Modeled Strings 25.08.2020
Tracktion’s Plug-in Collective jetzt einzeln erhältlich 20.08.2020
Steinberg Polarities: Erweiterung für Padshop 2 von Simon Stockhausen 23.07.2020
Steinberg Polarities Expansion Created by Simon Stockhausen 23.07.2020
XILS-lab introduces the XILS 201 vocoder plug-in 10.07.2020
Plugin Alliance announces enhanced emulation of Knifonium tube-driven synth sensation 07.07.2020
Spitfire Audio releases BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA DISCOVER virtual instrument plug-in 07.05.2020
Rob Papen Vecto - Virtuelles Instrument 07.05.2020
sE Electronics HARP BLASTER HB52 Mundharmonika-Mikrofon 09.04.2020
Spitfire Audio reunites with Ólafur Arnalds for piano sample instrument 01.04.2020
Audiodamage Continua 11.03.2020
Native Instruments Massive X 25.02.2020
XILS-lab announces virtual instrument XILS 505 29.01.2020
Spitfire Audio to release ALBION NEO sample library & virtual instruments 23.01.2020
Spitfire Audio ALBION NEO 17.01.2020
Audio Damage Continua morphing synth 09.01.2020
XILS-lab v2.5 upgrade 06.01.2020
Spitfire Audio kicks off ORIG!NALS series 04.12.2019
Steinberg Unveils Padshop 2 14.11.2019
Virtual Guitarist CARBON 01.11.2019
Spitfire Audio SPITFIRE SOLO STRINGS Update 18.10.2019
AIR Music Technology Loom 2 12.10.2019
New Electric Bass Instrument for HALion 19.09.2019
Neues E-Bass-Instrument für HALion 19.09.2019
Spitfire Audio announces BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 29.08.2019
Tracktion veröffentlicht Delta-V Audio’s Granular-Synthesizer SpaceCraft 26.08.2019
Spitfire schools itself in achieving organ sound in imaginations with SYMPHONIC library latest 23.08.2019
Spitfire Audio BT Phobos 05.08.2019
Arturia Pigments Update Version 1.2 14.06.2019
Rob Papen B.I.T. - Back In Time 11.06.2019
XILS-lab lifts venerable vintage polysynth architecture-based VI to heightened v3.5 status 20.05.2019
AIR Music Technology Drum Synth 500 20.04.2019
Brainworx bx_oberhausen Virtual Instrument 17.04.2019
Future Bass: New Expansion for Retrologue 2 22.03.2019
Future Bass: Neue Erweiterung für Retrologue 2 22.03.2019
Rob Papen Vecto virtual synthesizer into available as an AAX-, AU-, and VST-compatible VI version 28.02.2019
Neue Softube Plug-Ins 07.02.2019
Valley People Dyna-mite Slam und Dyna-mite Gate sowie Synth-Modul Mutable Instruments Rings 06.02.2019
Steinberg Unveils Absolute 4 24.01.2019
Steinberg Absolute 4 Instrument Collection 24.01.2019