Virtual Instrument

Spitfire Audio releases Appassionata Strings 21.01.2022
e-instruments Offer Cremona Quartet’s Stradivari Cello Separately 14.01.2022
Tone2 releases Heavenly Flights for Icarus 10.01.2022
Spitfire Audio releases ORIGINALS CINEMATIC FROZEN STRINGS 07.01.2022
Prism Sound Launches The Ultimate Collection 06.01.2022
Orchestral Tools Announces Metropolis Ark 5 22.12.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Gladiator 3.1 16.12.2021
Vienna Symphonic Library veröffentlicht Synchron Harp - virtuelles Harfen-Instrument 16.12.2021
Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Harp 15.12.2021
Arturia supercharges Pigments with free 3.5 Update 14.12.2021
Steinberg LoFi Piano Now Available for Free 10.12.2021
Steinberg LoFi Piano – jetzt kostenlos verfügbar 10.12.2021
Spitfire Audio creates two ABBEY ROAD TWO: ICONIC STRINGS sample libraries 10.12.2021
Vienna Symphonic Library veröffentlicht Synchron Woodwinds 10.12.2021
Tone2 Warlock 07.12.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Icarus 2.0.6 06.12.2021
Tone2 Nemisis2 30.11.2021
Spitfire Audio announces APERTURE THE STACK 25.11.2021
IK Multimedia Releases Syntronik 2 23.11.2021
Rob Papen Predator-3 Synthesizer 16.11.2021
Spitfire Audio announces MABE FRATTI & CONCEPCIÓN HUERTA - ESTÁTICA sample library 12.11.2021
It's on - Audio Developer Conference 2021 05.11.2021
Arturia Upgrades KeyLab MkII range With Velocity Update 05.11.2021
Rob Papen lets loose with enhanced eXplorer-7 bundle 25.10.2021
Orchestral Tools Announces SEQUIS 19.10.2021
Updated Orchestral Tools SINEPlayer Continues to Evolve, Now Accessible to Pro Tools Users 13.10.2021
Neu von der Vienna Symphonic Library: Synchron Percussion III 07.10.2021
New from Vienna Symphonic Library: Synchron Percussion III 06.10.2021
Orchestral Tools Announces Whisper: Gentle Wind Instruments 28.09.2021
Wide Blue Sound annoucnes all-new expansions for ELYSIUM organic motion synthesizer 28.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'Banser' soundset for Electra 28.09.2021
New from Vienna: SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs 21.09.2021
Spitfire Audio announces availability of ORIGINALS MEDIA TOOLKIT 17.09.2021
Moog’s Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App Is Now Available as a VST 09.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases Saurus v3.0 03.09.2021
New from Vienna: SYNCHRON-ized Single Woodwind Packs 02.09.2021
xils lab KaoX Synthesizer 24.08.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'Synthwave' soundset for Electra 06.08.2021
Applied Acoustics System Chromaphone 3 03.08.2021
Spitfire Audio announces HAMMERS created in collaboration with Charlie Clouser 23.07.2021
Arturia Keylab 49 mkII / 61 mkII 13.07.2021
Native Instruments PIANO COLORS 09.07.2021
Spitfire Audio ORIGINALS JANGLE BOX PIANO 09.07.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'TrapNBass' sound-set for Icarus2 01.07.2021
Spitfire Audio releases ALBION SOLSTICE 29.06.2021
Sweet Acoustic Textures releases Basset Horn for the Kontakt Player 16.06.2021
New from Vienna: SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings and SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings 16.06.2021
Neu aus Wien: SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings und SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings 16.06.2021
Neu bei Tracktion: f.’em Synthesizer 08.06.2021
Spitfire Audio Announces ORIGINALS CINEMATIC PADS 04.06.2021