Audio Precision APx Software Release 7.0 Now Available 30.11.2021
Neue Version von Lectrosonics Wireless-Designer-Software 30.11.2021
Spatial Audio Designer and Spatial Sound Card - Pro Version 3.0 available 26.11.2021
VB-Audio updates Voicemeeter product range 25.11.2021
Tascam upgrades its DA-6400 Digital Multitrack Recorder/Player to V3.0 25.11.2021
MUTEC offers Upgrade to Ultimate 10 MHz Reference Master Clock REF10 SE120 23.11.2021
MUTEC offeriert Upgrade auf den ultimativen 10-MHz-Referenztaktgenerator REF10 SE120 23.11.2021
New Audio Technology veröffentlicht neue Version 3.0 des Spatial Audio Designers 19.11.2021
Shure veröffentlicht Microflex Complete Wireless „Handsfree“-Update 10.11.2021
Arturia Upgrades KeyLab MkII range With Velocity Update 05.11.2021
Version 3.0 Firmware Update for the Tascam DA‑6400 Digital Multitrack Recorder/Player 04.11.2021
Solid State Logic launches New SSL Live V5.0 Console & SOLSA Software 03.11.2021
Arturia introduces WaveUser for MicroFreak 26.10.2021
Voxengo Elephant 4.16 mastering limiter plugin released 24.10.2021
Update for Shure ADX5D Two-Channel Camera Receiver 15.10.2021
iZotope Releases RX 9 and RX Post Production Suite 6 14.10.2021
Waves Audio Announces V13 11.10.2021
Großes Update für Tracktions Synthesizer Abyss 11.10.2021
XILS-lab unleashes 2.0 update for Chor’X chorus plug-in 06.10.2021
Martin Audio Updates VU-NET Support for TORUS and Introduces Q-SYS Control for iKON Amplifiers 04.10.2021
PreSonus Announces Full Native Support for Apple Silicon-based Macs 16.09.2021
PreSonus Studio One 5.4 Update 15.09.2021
HARVEY Pro bietet jetzt eigene Acoustic Echo Cancellation 09.09.2021
Virtual versions of X-GEAR guitar pedals available in IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5 09.09.2021
V2.0 Firmware Update for TASCAM VS-R264 / VS-R265 Video Streamers / Recorders 09.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases Saurus v3.0 03.09.2021
Dynacord launches SONICUE Control app for iOS 31.08.2021
SSL's System T New Tempest Engines Offer Scalable and Agile Signal Processing Capacity 26.08.2021
Neue Firmwareversion 2.0 für Tascam Videostreamer VS-R264/VS-R265 26.08.2021
Voxengo SPAN Plus 1.15 spectrum analyzer plugin released 21.08.2021
ASI Audio iOS-Compatible Version of 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System Now Shipping 12.08.2021
Voxengo Soniformer 3.13 spectral mastering processor plugin released 30.07.2021
Lynx veröffentlicht Aurora(n) Firmware 1.24 und NControl 1.0.5 22.07.2021
Ableton Releases Free Live 11 Lite Upgrade 13.07.2021
Ableton veröffentlicht Gratis-Upgrade auf Live 11 Lite 13.07.2021
Version 5.0 Firmware Brings New Features To RIVAGE PM Digital Mixing Systems 01.07.2021
PreSonus Studio One 5.3 Adds Major New Features 30.06.2021
Neutrik issues NA2-IO-DPRO Controller V2.0 30.06.2021
iZotope Upgrades AI-Powered Audio Assistants in Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro 15.06.2021
ClearOne präsentiert Voice Lift Upgrade für das BMA 360 15.06.2021
Ferncast announced the release of its aixtream 2.2 software 15.06.2021
Ferncast verkündet den Release der Version 2.2 von aixtream 15.06.2021
TASCAM Announces V1.1.0 Firmware Update for the VS-R264 / VS-R265 Streamers / Recorders 10.06.2021
Kemper PROFILER has a new FUZZ Drive System in OS 8.2 08.06.2021
Kemper PROFILER hat ein neues FUZZ Drive System in PROFILER OS 8.2 08.06.2021
Voxengo releases Voxformer version 2.19 07.06.2021
Apogee Symphony Desktop Release 1.19 Now Available 03.06.2021
New Updates Available for all Waves SoundGrid Applications 02.06.2021
Shure erweitert das digitale Drahtlossystem SLX-D 31.05.2021
Pulsar Audio Announce Version Updates to Their Entire Product Line 25.05.2021